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Meet Gran


Why Gran Rants

Maybe it's because everybody else seems to be having a say on Facebook, Instagram, You-tube, TicToc etc. etc. and it makes me feel like having a voice. 

Most of these voices are from another generation, but my generation (80+) should also get to be heard. We have plenty to say and we have experienced a lot in our lives!

Thus I decided to start a blog. Sadly most of my friends don't use social media but I hope that some people out there will comment, start a conversation, discussion argument or what you will.


I have lived in four European countries and I speak three languages.  It's really interesting to see the differences between nationalities.  Of course one can only generalise but each country I've lived in has some marked characteristics which only become apparent after several years residency.  


I have no roots left and am nowhere "at home".  Is this an advantage? Maybe yes, and maybe, no!  There are always pros and cons to every situation.

#Rantinggran #dailyrant

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