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A Scandal!

Mandatory vaccination is on its way!

So now we are to have mandatory vaccination! I think Austria is the first country to introduce this. One would think that after Autria´s abysmal record of discrimating against and indeed murdering Jews and other minority groups less than 100 years ago they would be more careful with their reputation. Not content with locking down nonvaccinated people before the general lockdown last week, which indeed was bad enough, the powers that be have now announced mandatory vaccination from February next year .

The vaccination does not protect one from the virus. I agree that it may reduce the symptoms once one has caught the virus but there is no evidence that it can fully protect one once one has been contaminated. We also have no idea what are the long term side effects of such a vaccination. Only time will tell. In spite of mass vaccination in many countries the virus is not abating.

Several broadcasters in Great Britain, notably Neil Oliver and Mark Dolan, have, to their credit spoken out about this outrage but I am very disappointed not to hear any criticism by the government, indeed any government! Are they all waiting in the wings to do the same thing? People in extremely large numbers have been protesting all over Austria but to no avail! Sadly demonstrations do not have much effect. The leaders do not listen to the people they govern. They are supposed to serve us but I feel we are expected to obey them!


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