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Freedom Part 2

Autria places unvaccinated in Covid lockdown

I am a PARIAH!

I am healthy but not vaccinated, i regularly do tests to make sure I do not have Covid. BUT since this morning I, along with 2,000000 other people who live in Austria, are locked down. We are only allowed to leave home for essential reasons. we can buy groceries but no clothes, shoes christmas presents etc. Why are we being punished? We are healthy and obey the rules we just do not want to be vaccinateed. surely it is our human right not to want a dubios vaccine pumped into us!

This division of society into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated brings back unpleasant memories of Austria in the times before and during the second World War.

I am aware that the official excuse given is that the hospitals are overcrowded and worried that they may not be able to deal with the increasing numbers of Covid patients but is this a valid reason to split society? I do not thnk so.


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