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Doomsday approaches, the planet is warming!

We are continually lectured by people in power or in the know that we should all try to reduce our carbon emissions, save fuel, eat less meat, travel by rail, fly less etc. etc. one would think that our "leaders" would give us a good example of such things instead of which we see them meeting without masks, travelling where they will and how they will. Witness the recent G20 meeting in Rome and the climate conference in Glascow.

“Do what I say not what I do”

President Biden arrived in Rome in Air Force 1, accompanied by a fleet of other planes carrying his staff , bodygaurds and limosines . One of the latter being "the beast" a huge armoured vehicule which certainly exudes plenty of carbon! The motorcade consisted of 85 vehicules . All the heads of state arrived in their private jets and it is know that private jets produce at least 50% more carbon emissions than passenger jets.

After the meeting in Rome the heads of state flew on to Glascow polluting as they went. Why were these meetings held face to face? why could video conferencing not have been used? A huge amount of energy could have been saved had they done so.

“Again do what I say and not what I do”

I am sick and tired of being continually warned, threatened or coerced, either it is Covid warnings: "the numbers are going up, the hospitals are overworked, overfilled, there may be another lock down, be sure to book your third jab!!!!" it goes on and on. and if it is not Covid it is dire warning about the planet, global warming, carbon emissions, threats of floods, fires etc. it never stops. Then there are the Brexit problems, too few lorry drivers, threats of shortages at Christmas time, perhaps no toys for the children, maybe empty shelves in the supermarkets etc

Our leaders don´t seem to be too affected by all of this, they travel unconcernedly around in their pertrol guzzeling cars and meet in various countries, i am sure they won´t be short of Christmas goodies!

What can we do? we must just get on with our lives and enjoy life as much as we can whilst we have it. We must not be affected by all the fear mongering going on in the media. As the old song says: "don´t worry, be happy"


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