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On the 30th November this year Barbados became the world´s newest republic. A president replaced the Queen as head of State. This event was marked by the visit of Prince Charles on behalf of the Queen in order to transfer power to the new republic. Prince Charles made a speech in which he dwelt on the evils of slavery as being "the darkest days of our past" and an "appalling atrocity". This is undoubtable true but he could also have remarked that at that time slavery was a common evil which took place all over the world, black and white people were enslaved and indeed both black and white practised slavery. He should have spoken about the enormous role which Britain played in abolishing slavery. in 1833 slavery was abolished throughout the British empire. it was outlawed on Barbados in 1807 by the Slave Trade Act with the final emancipation in 1833 after the slavery Abolition Act.

As future monarch I think Charles has a duty to stick up for his country and not to belittle it. With an additional few sentences Charles could have set the record straight and done something for the reputation of our country. Too much humble pie will not help Britain´s position in the world.


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