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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

I have a feeling which is becoming more and more pronounced that my freedom is becoming increasingly curtailed. I know that no doubt many people feel the same but I hear people that are twice vaccinated saying that they have regained freedom!

They have not! They have only assented to the popular narrative and are believing the current propaganda that we are all bombarded with. They have been coerced into believing that frreedom comes with vaccination/s

Vaccinated people can fall ill with Covid.
Vaccinated persons can transmit Covid.
The vaccination protection is of limited duration.

I am not an anti-vaccer, indeed in the past I have been vaccinated against many diseases including the annual flu, but I am not happy to have a vaccination which was for emergency use only and which has not gone through the usual testing prcedures and can have disabilitating side effects. Everybody has a right to decide for his/herself without being coerced, threatened or bullied in any way, which medical procedures should be applied to their bodies.

I have an uneasy feeling that governments are being bribed by "big Pharma" to do their wishes and are not acting in the interests of the population. Why is it that there is no govermental advise as to how to build up one's natural immune system by means of diet, vitamins, life style etc. etc.? Why is the only advice "jab", "jab, "jab"?

There are many ways to increase natural immunity, why is this not being promoted by health srvices, WHO, and health ministers? People should be given a choice to decide how best to protect themselves from the virus and not be coerced into being jabbed by punishment such as non admittance to museums, football matches, bars, concert halls etc.


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