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The Selfrightousness of the Vaccinated

In Vienna the nonvaccinated are being punished! The shops and the Christmas markets are now open again. The vaccinated, with masks, are allowed to visit but the nonvaccinated are not. Although outside in the fresh air the markets are ringed with policemen checking peoples´vaccination certificates. Even if a nonvaccinated person has a valid negative PCR test they may not enter the shops or the markets. Where is the logic? I can only assume that the non vaccinated are being punished for their noncompliance.

The public who have been vaccinated are also highly critical of those who do not wish to comply. They are labeled as "stupid", "selfish" and "non intelligent" and are considered a danger. If the vaccination offers protection how can they be endangered by someone nonvaccinated? especially if they test themselves regularly. Austria has a good system, a so called "gurgle system" whereby one registers via mobile phone, collects a test, performs it at home and returns the result to a center. The tests are evaluated and the result returned via Email within 24 hours to the person tested. This is without charge and easy to do and very efficient. The children in schools are regularly tested with the same system.

As a nonvaccer, whenever I am meeting with people, I test myself with this method and I do it frequently. why then should people think that I am a danger to society and resent the fact that I am not vaccinated? I could show such a negative proof when going to a market or a restaurant but no it is not allowed! I can only surmise I am being punished as well as discriminated against.

In spite of regular demonstrations by thousands of people every Saturday the situation shows no sign of ending. in fact it will get worse as mandatory vaccinations are being introduced next February!

Where are our rights?
Where is democracy?
Where is our freedom?


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